Meet Jeff

Jeff has trained thousands of people in his programs for over four decades. He is sought after for speaking engagements, retreats and his world famous live seminars.

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Jeff was elected into the Association of Transformational Leaders founded by Jack Canfield, who wrote Chicken Soup of the Soul.  He has appeared on many news, radio and television programs including Oprah, Town Meeting and Public TV Broadcasting Network.

Jeff has shared the stage with Buckminster Fuller, Tony Robbins, Steve Allen, Robert Kiyosaki and many others.  He taught his principals of compassionate business strategies in Panama.

He will be heading to Asia to teach IGNITE programs early in 2017.

A master of accelerated learning

Jeff does not teach just concepts or theory.  He teachings are based on spiritual principles that have withstood the test of thousands of years. These principles when integrated with real world modern tools and tactics designed for today’s challenges are the secret behind IGNITE programs. They have been tested and proven in his own business and life. Thousands of students have benefited from these teachings.

He is a master in the art of accelerated teaching methods, dramatically shortening the learning curve with full body programing in a very short time.

Bobbi DePorterJeff is an engaging teacher who connects with audiences on a heart level. He is well-versed in accelerated learning principles, bringing joy and excitement to his presentations and workshops.”

Bobbi DePorter
President, Quantum Learning Network / SuperCamp
Author, Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System

Jeff winning Nationals

The early years

Terrorized by a bully in elementary school, Jeff escaped for safety by hiding in the bathroom at lunch-time.  This went on every day for an entire year.  For the first time in his life, he was scared and did not feel safe.

The fear and sense of helplessness ignited a lifelong quest to seek relief from the devastating effect of living in fear. Jeff developed a passion for the martial arts. By the age of 18, he had achieved three high-ranking black belts in different arts. He won several national titles and ranked third in the state of California for his weight division for three years and placed first as a light-weight black belt at the national championships.

The martial arts launched Jeff to what would become his life-long quest for self-awareness.

Jeff as a stunt man

The day that changed everything

1974 was the year my life would change forever. Completing my first year at UCLA Dental School, I was about to be married. At 23 years old, I was in peak physical condition training with my dear friend Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron at their Santa Monica school. About to enter my final three years of college, life was perfect!

My dad saved a long time for dental school working at his small family owned sausage business. Besides, as a dentist, I could easily pay back his loan. I would be the first Alexander to become a doctor. That was the plan.

Hours after my wedding we were off to Catalina Island for the honeymoon. Heading for the beach, I kicked off my flip-flops and sunk into the warm white sand. Minutes passed and a woman police officer tapped my shoulder. ‘If you’re Jeff Alexander, you need to call home immediately. Your father is critically ill!’

My stomach sunk as I raced back to my apartment. (No cell phones in those days.) I wanted to be home when I called. Finally arriving, I grabbed the phone and dialed. My little sister answered and after a long silence said two words that changed everything, ‘Daddy died.’

He had a heart attack in his sleep. He was 49 years old.

My breathing stopped and I sunk to the kitchen floor. I immediately went to my last hug goodbye on the front lawn. The last embrace – ever? This realization hit hard in my heart.

Within hours of my wedding, I was picking out a coffin still wearing my bathing suit under my jeans.

My hero and mentor was gone forever. The depth of grief went deep. I sunk into a dark fog of emotional despair. Additionally, I now had no means of financial support to pay for expensive dental school. The unpredictability of the future brought a new reality that all plans were now off.

Jeff boxing
A real knockout as a dentist, boxer article
Sylvestor Stallone, Jeff, and Carl Weathers

For the first time, I asked myself:

  • Am I worthy?
  • Am I capable to make it on my own?
  • Why am I so scared of the future?

Chuck was very supportive and kind. He recommended a well-known boxing gym in the San Fernando Valley. There was more money in boxing than in martial arts in those days. The plan was to enter the boxing ring and fight, which would bring exposure and attract students to teach. I wasted no time and began a berserker-training regimen to prepare for this brutal gladiator sport. I went to school eight hours a day then headed to the gym every night and weekend.

 I quickly climbed to the top in my division. The money came in, not by fighting, but by teaching & training students who wanted to learn self-defense and eliminate the feeling of fear.  Thus began my first teaching career. Chuck set up an interview with Black Belt magazine helping me gain exposure as a trainer for domestic abuse prevention for women. I will be forever grateful to the greatest martial artist in the world before he pursued his acting career – Chuck Norris.

The article appeared,  “The Boxing Dentist – The dentist who knocks you out at night and fixes you during the day!”  The media loved it.  The news attracted potential students from everywhere.  From celebrities and stuntmen who did not want to risk the dangers of a boxing gym to police officers who needed to master fearful events in the street.

Boxing gyms are generally located in the worst ghettos and my gym was no exception. From UCLA Dental School by Beverly Hills to the most dangerous neighborhood gyms became my daily routine.

The dramatic contrast of UCLA medical university to the ghetto training with police officers and victims of crime shaped my future and gave birth to what was to become Warrior Spirit, my transformational education organization. My time with law enforcement provided a wealth of experience especially in the area of accelerated teaching methods.

My foundation for teaching effective programs was based on one thing… it had to work 100% of the time. The consequence for failure was not acceptable. A bad grade or low cash flow in one world was quite a bit different when compared to the price of failure in the world of law enforcement. The harsh reality of death was often the consequence. If police were to master the mind’s reaction to fear, I must provide them with real tactics and trainings based on experiential learning. Mental, emotional and physical experiences are paramount for all my teachings. The thing about fear, when you master it in one area, it often transfers to other areas of your life. For the early students and police, their lives changed! This was the birth of the first IGNITE program.

I began to get referrals from domestic abuse centers to help victims of violent confrontations heal the paralyzing effect of fear and abuse. Even some of the faculty at UCLA who watched my fights became my students. Eventually, law enforcement referred children and families victimized by abduction and violent crimes. I created programs to help families and victims suffering from post-traumatic stress heal.

My students are my heroes. They master the ability to ignite courage in the face of fear. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the ability to feel fear and take conscious action.

When you do this, your life changes everywhere – as it did for me!

Donald ObermillerJeff is one of the greatest speakers I have ever heard and his impact on our police officers and me personally will last a lifetime. I am forever grateful for this powerful work.”

Donald Obermiller
Former Chief of Police, Des Moines, WA

Jeff Alexander and Buckminster Fuller

Jeff and Buckminster Fuller at the Future of Business

Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Alexander, Marshall Thurber

Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff and Marshall Thurber at the Future of Business

Transformational leader, CEO, health professional and trainer

In 1979, on the same week he opened his first children’s dental center in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeff opened the Left Hook Boxing School a few miles away. He continued to work with many women who were now referred by counselors and therapists. Most of his students had immediate healing and miraculous results. As his students learned to master the fear that had been running their lives, Jeff was able to see their lives transform.

Jeff’s company grew quickly and in five years went from 11 employees in one office to seven offices with over 60 employees.  His multi million-dollar company ranked in the top 500 grossing health care clinics in the country.

As a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a busy corporation, Jeff would use his own company as a laboratory to test everything he created.  He knew that his failures were learning experiences and were valuable in progressing towards goals.  Teaching people what not to do was just as important as what to do.

Jeff studied the teachings and worked with another mentor, Buckminster Fuller, on incorporating universal principles of cooperation into the business arena.  He facilitated the first Future of Business conference with world business leaders.  He became a popular trainer at the Burklyn Accelerated Business School.  With Marshall Thurber and DC Cordova, he created the Train the Trainer program for the Money and You seminar.  One of his students, Robert Kiyosaki, went on to teach this program for several years before launching his own organization and writing the international best seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Jeff’s commitment was to create a business model that demonstrated financial success by only utilizing compassionate and modern business principles. This would benefit the company, the community and the world.  He would take the ancient laws of the East and integrate them with the most current tactics of the West in a step-by-step process that anyone could learn.  Jeff created results that fed peoples’ souls as much as their wallets. He launched his first business leadership program in 1982 called Management with Ease.

Founder of IGNITE

Jeff moved to Washington state and ran his dental corporation in California for 25 years.  In 1991, he founded Warrior Spirit programs, a non-profit organization, which provided many transformational programs designed to improve the quality of life for people as well as their businesses.

Jeff now is founder and trainer of IGNITE PROGRAMS which offers transformational education with live seminars, on-line programs as well as many educational products including video, audio and content creating huge impacts focused on real world results.

Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Alexander

His teachings are based on spiritual principles that have withstood the test of thousands of years. His unique brand focuses on integrating these powerful spiritual principles with expert tactics and strategies that embrace today’s challenges. This union of spirit and “real world tools” delivered with permanent accelerated learning is the secret behind his teachings.

In his words…

“I once saw a pen made of gold worth a hundred thousand dollars.
Yet, even the greatest pen in the world could not write a line of poetry by itself.
You need powerful tools to share your message and inspiration to fuel your passion.
My mission is to ignite your passion and offer the greatest tools so you become the master poet of your life.”

Steven G. TooleJeff, you did the impossible! You took 35 attorneys and had them laughing, inspired and ready to take action to change our legal system for the better. The highlight of our retreat was your presentation and the impact it will have on the future. On behalf of the Board of Governors for the State Bar Association, we have eternal gratitude for the change that will come as a result of our time with you”

Steven G. Toole
Past President, Washington State Bar Association