If you want to accelerate your business then you can start with Jeff’s Management with Ease program. You gave me decades of information in just one weekend. Powerful! It already has produced results in my own company.”

Robert Kiyosaki
Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Management with Ease Online Course

Coming Soon!

Sample of topics covered:

  • The Power of Your Story
  • Setting the Proper Mind Set
  • How to Build a Foundation that Lasts
  • Why Your Vision Will Save You
  • How to Create Your Mission Statement
  • Your Company Rules of the Game
  • How to Attract, Interview & Hire Smart
  • The 6 Reasons Why Businesses Fail in Hiring
  • The Orientation and Training is Everything
  • Myths of a Bonus Plan
  • How to Reward Your Employees
  • Types of Bonus Plans
  • What is a Goals Wall
  • How to Recognize Precessional Effects
  • Time Management through Efficiency
  • How to Conduct a Great Meeting
  • Keys to Leverage – Manager Leaders
  • Conflict & Compassionate Dismissal Training
  • 90 Day Jump Start


  • Q & A coaching session video
  • Ignite Your Life –Transform Fear into Power video of live event
  • Jeff working with students from live Ignite Your Life event
  • All program slides
  • Resource Guide of forms, templates and training literature
  • Dialogue Training Manual
  • Employee Welcome Handbook
  • One seat at the Management with Ease Live Seminar
  • One guest waiver to Management with Ease Live Seminar