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Learn to organize your life, improve your recall and strategically plan business projects.

A mind map is a powerful graphic tool that ignites the full potential of your brain. This technique embraces the natural way the brain creates, learns and organizes information. By using words, color, music and spatial design, the brain is able  to perform at an accelerated rate.

Study time is decreased. Memory recall is dramatically increased. Mind Mapping is considered a state of the art business tool used to share communication between departments, plan and monitor projects.

There is no limit to the possibilities and use for mind mapping in your life.  People report that mind mapping has increased their effectiveness on many levels.  If you can think it, you can mind map it.  And it is fun to use!

Mind map used to rebuild downtown Manhattan after 9/11

Mikhail Gorbachev’s mind map on global perspective

Program Overview

In this two-day program, you will learn how to create, utilize and integrate mind mapping into your daily life. You will notice an immediate advantage when mind mapping. You will learn how your brain receives, records and recalls information. Furthermore, you will be able to immediately put this powerful tool to work.

Jeff Alexander will teach you how he used Mind Mapping in college to free himself to play more, study less and graduated six months early as a dentist with honors. He will also teach you how he used Mind Mapping to plan, organize and set up his corporation.

Leave the program with your own customized mind map on the project of your choice!

All course materials, hand outs and supplies are included. Just bring your brain!

Mind map on taking notes

Benefits and Features

What you will learn:

  • What are the biggest lies about learning
  • What are the seven steps to any mind map
  • How your brain takes in information
  • “Radiant Thinking” – the natural brain method
  • The difference between traditional education vs. Radiant Thinking
  • How to dramatically increase your memory
  • How to study less and retain more
  • How to write a paper, essay, or book with mind maps
  • Discover the myths of learning disabilities
  • How to take notes and study for a test
  • How to design a speech with a mind map and no notes
  • How to do a quick burn mind map
  • How to create a mega mind map
  • Children and mind mapping – start now

Additionally for businesses:

  • Managing your meeting
  • How to plan a project of any size
  • Client communications
  • How to strategize, organize and prepare for a negotiation
  • Train your staff or co-workers to mind map – for productivity & fun
  • How to convert a mind map to a PERT plan
  • Software vs. hand made mind maps – advantages, disadvantages
  • How to give a presentation to an audience or client with mind maps
  • How to share mind maps between departments
  • How to create team mind maps
  • Introduce fun into your organization and get things done

Examples of mind maps (click to enlarge)

My students have excelled both in memory and their testing scores since the mind map class. Most of all, they are having fun creating and using mind maps. In one day, you have shifted the perception of learning from effort to joy. What a gift! “

Candice Childs
Teacher, Headmaster, Family Academy School, Seattle, WA

My office staff loves mind mapping now. We create all our campaigns and internal office projects with this great tool and have fun doing it. I taught my staff how to mind map and it has dramatically increased our efficiency as well as our joy factor.”

Dr. Warren Eades
Orthodontist, Redondo Beach, CA

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