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“When the only tool you have is a hammer,
everything begins to look like a nail.”

—Abraham Maslov

Everyone negotiates, all the time! The key is to not become a victim when negotiating for something you need. Never be at the mercy of those who use tactics to manipulate again!

Once you learn this, you will recognize the weapons and no longer feel helpless.

Learn how to get what you need while remaining in a place of power.

What you will learn

Learn the ploys, strategies and techniques that professional negotiators are taught to manipulate and control the conversation. Once you are aware of a tactic, you will never be manipulated again!

Once you become aware of the ploys, you will never fall victim to them again. Better yet, you will learn ways to gain control of the situation and re-direct it to an outcome where everyone wins. Interactive games and exercises will allow you to attain a “body experience” of everything you learn.

Whether you have to interview for a job, buy a car or engage in an important business deal, it is possible to create an environment where everyone wins. I hope you join us for this high energy and fun class.

Program Topics

  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • Discovering needs is key to success and what questions to ask
  • What are the biggest negotiation mistakes people make
  • How to ask the right question
  • Behaviors and styles of negotiators
  • How to move from conflict to resolution
  • What options do you have when at impasse
  • Tactics professional negotiators use to manipulate their victims
  • What is the emotional ploy
  • What is the impending event ploy
  • How to avoid the body language ploy
  • What is the legitimacy ploy
  • What to do when verbally attacked
  • Negotiation cases studied
  • Practicing skills in mock negotiation games

All course materials and handouts included