Are you afraid to speak in front of an audience?

This program will transform the fear of public speaking into power!

The Voice of Power is an accelerated training on how to speak with passion, humor, and power. If you have ever felt nervous or fearful to give a speech, this program is for you!

Kenny Loggins

I believe Jeff Alexander is one of the greatest teachers I have ever been with. I am in awe of his ability to captivate an audience and leave them spellbound.. I am blown away how he can capture and deliver over thirty years experience in one weekend program. I give a standing ovation!”

Kenny Loggins
Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, author

Jeff has spoken to thousands of people over the last four decades. He will take you step by step through the process of mastering the skills that the most powerful speakers in the industry all share. What would be like to know how to speak from the heart, inspire your audience to take action and leave them spellbound?

Jeff will break down for you the key steps in designing presentation, how to speak without notes, body, tone and handling audience questions. This is an interactive program that gives you an opportunity to learn in a safe and fun environment. If you ever need to teach, create a sales proposal or communicate something difficult, look no further than Voice of Power.

As a trial attorney, you don’t get a second chance when presenting in front of a jury. This course eliminated all fears of failure and resurrected my ability to inspire and come from my heart. Years of training and professional courses could not do what I learned in one weekend with Jeff. Thank you a million times!!!”

Bernard Bays
Bays Law Group, Hawaii

As a professional actor, this workshop got me out of my head and into the pure essence of being rather than acting. My ability to eliminate the fear of freezing and forgetting my lines are completely gone! I am not only a better actor, I am a better communicator. On a scale from 1-10, this is a 100!”

Michael Weyland
Seattle, WA

You will learn many strategies, tools as well as important do’s and don’ts. Everyone has the ability to communicate from the heart especially during those challenging times when ego can dominate and emotional storms tend to confuse or cause freezing. You will learn how to recognize and immediately diffuse limitations that hinder you.

The use of humor, fun and play is a significant part of this program.

Jeff Alexander has spoken in front of thousands of people for over thirty years. He will teach you exactly how he mastered his own fear of speaking as well as how to ignite passion in those who find themselves in your audience.

All course materials and handouts included

Program Topics

  • How to get out of your “head” and into your “heart”
  • What to do when you forget or freeze
  • How to design a presentation
  • Learn the “trigger word” technique and eliminate notes
  • Power of laughter and play
  • How to step into your presence and connect
  • What never to do in front of an audience
  • What you always do in front of an audience
  • Accessing the power of now
  • How to interact and answer those difficult questions
  • Watch out for the “Do’s” and “Dont’s” during any presentation
  • How our tone sets the mood
  • The power of a story
  • How to create powerful video presentations

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    I was terrified of speaking in front of people. So I didn’t and it stopped me from many opportunities in my career. I just gave my first presentation to over one hundred co-workers and got a standing ovation! Voice of Power is responsible for this success and I thank you a million times over. This class goes way beyond my expectations.”

    Sylvia Emerson
    Teacher, PTA President, San Diego, CA