Refunds and transfers

Your full tuition is refundable up until two weeks before the program.
Within 7 days of the program, 50% of the tuition is refundable.
If you cannot attend the program at the scheduled date, your tuition is transferable to another scheduled date of the same program.

Guest materials fee is not refundable.

Age Requirement:

18 yrs or older

Waiver Agreement:

I voluntarily accept full responsibility for all risks arriving to, during and leaving the premises of the Ignite program. I agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify JeffAlexanderIgniteLLC, and any of its employees, staff members, volunteers, agents, contractors, subsidiaries, officers or owners from all actions, claims or demands for any loss, injury or damage which arises out of participation in this program.

Recording of Audio/Video:

I understand that JeffAlexanderIgniteLLC may record audio or video during sessions of the programs.  I hereby give permission for myself to be audiotaped and/or videotaped and/or photographed during any IGNITE classes. I also give permission that such audio or videotape(s) and/or photograph(s) may be used by JeffAlexanderLLC for promotional, educational, training or commercial purposes.

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