Kids saying NO to violence

Summer 2017!

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    “Dr. Jeff Alexander’s Warrior Spirit class for kids could save your child’s life!”

    —Oprah Winfrey

    If you would like your children to gain the confidence, self-esteem and power to remain safe in any situation, then consider this nationally acclaimed program.  I designed this program as a response to my work with law enforcement in response to the lack of positive programs that deal with the sensitive issues of child abuse and abduction.

    Most programs unconsciously use fear when teaching children to learn how to be safe in the world. I feel that there is another way. We do not have to scare our children with fearful consequences for following basic safety rules.  Warrior Spirit’s approach to teaching young children to be safe is to acquaint them with their natural ability to trust their senses and learn some basic skills that could prevent harm. Children who get a sense of their power and ability to keep safe in any situation where they find themselves alone, are the safest children of all.

    Little girl saying "NO"

    “Children who have a sense of their power are the safest children of all!”

    —Ernie Allen, President, National Missing & Exploited Children

    Children will learn & practice:

    • Four stranger safety rules
    • Home alone and stranger at the door
    • What to do when lost
    • How to get help
    • How to stop someone from talking or touching
    • Physical skills to escape an abduction
    • Dealing with bullies
    • Parent session included
    • All course materials included

    Teaching Metholology

    This is not an academic seminar. Children learn best by doing, making mistakes and learning in a fun and interactive environment. Children will have an opportunity to “experience”  a whole range of strategies, situations and predicaments where they get to have immediately “full body” feedback. The results are nothing short of miraculous.

    At least one parent or legal guardian is asked to attend the class with the child. There will be a parent night on the Friday before the class for a couple of hours where the parents or guardian will learn and be able to ask questions about the program. The children attend Saturday and Sunday for approximately five hours each day, ending in a very fun and emotional graduation where the children demonstrate all their new skills to an audience full of parents, grandparents, family and friends. We ask the one parent/guardian attend the Saturday and Sunday session with their child so they can see how the class is taught and learn how to continue to practice the techniques after the program is over.

    This program is for ages 5 years to 9 years old. Children of different ages are approached differently. I will be offering another program for children 10 years to 13 years very soon.

    The program focuses on challenges your child may face when alone.

    Your child will have a lot of one on one time with our trained instructors. For this reason, we limit the size of the class. Do not wait until the last minute as this class will fill up quickly!

    Comments from Parents

    “In all the years I’ve been a teacher, this course has been more beneficial to my daughter and other kids than anything I could ever teach in school. A lesson on saving oneself is a must.”
    – Jim Pitingoro, Teacher

    “My daughter was kidnapped and still walked in fear until she took this program. She has changed her whole attitude toward herself and toward fear. Her walk and her conversation have changed to reflect an inner and outer confidence.”
    – Devon Burritt-Rice, Teacher

    “It was an incredible two days for my son. It gives me a great sense of relief to know that he can ‘handle’ himself when I am not able to be with him. Also I know I will gain more insight from what he will teach and show me from now on.”
    – Dora Curry, Clerk

    “Warrior Spirit has distilled the essence of what children need to learn to keep themselves safe and to physically protect themselves when needed. I would highly recommend this to all parents.”
    – Thad Humiston, Contractor

    “Nothing in the world means more to me than my son. His life and safety are a concern. This class has prepared and armed him to help with his survival.”
    – Rosslyn D. Erskine, Sales/Massage Therapy

    “This class has given my children a lot of self-confidence. They have learned how to handle themselves in difficult situations and it makes me feel less reluctant to let them go places.”
    – Willow Parsons, Medical Office Manager, Bookkeeper

    “My son has been experiencing difficulty with bullies. Through his training with Warrior Spirit, he has some to recognize that ‘bullies are not so tough.’ The techniques he has learned will give him the confidence he needs to ward off all aggressors. Thank you. He loved it, and met many new friends. His self-confidence is also on the rise.”
    – Diane Martin, College Registrar

    “Aside from loving my daughter, having her take this course was the most important thing I have ever done for her. I only wish I would have done it earlier… I know she would have had the tools to avoid an uncomfortable situation with a male babysitter that occurred less than three weeks earlier.”
    – Ruth Pitingoro, Teacher